Word Templates and Electronic Forms

Word Templates and Electronic Forms
Many Word documents that you create require the same fonts, margins, headers, footers and body text as documents. Word templates are the most efficient way to create documents that have pre-set formatting and content. Of course, some information will vary from document to document.

Word Templates and Electronic Forms shows you how to create templates that allow users to enter variable data in the right place … efficiently and without fuss. You'll learn how to:
  • Create a Word template from scratch.
  • Create a Word template based on a previously created document.
  • Format a template globally using themes and styles.
  • Include FILLIN, MACROBUTTON, ASK and REF fields in a template.
  • Create AutoText entries that are specific to a template.
  • Record macros and assign the macros to a template.
  • Make templates available to other users.
Information from other people is often gathered on a paper form which is completed by hand and then scanned and emailed back to you for processing. A more efficient way to collect this information is to create an electronic form that can be emailed to someone to complete in Word and then email back to you.

Word Templates and Electronic Forms shows you how to:
  • Create an electronic form that can be completed in Word.
  • Add text, drop down, date picker, and check box controls to an electronic form
  • Set and edit control properties
  • Apply protection to an electronic form
  • Distribute an electronic form.
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