Word Next Steps

Word Next Steps
Word Next Steps includes tips and tricks that will help you with multi-page documents and printed forms.

Tables are great tools for organising information in a document. This manual shows you some tricks that will take your tables to the next level. The manual includes sections that show you how to:
  • Create and format a basic table.
  • Turn borders on and off to create "dummy" cells, rows or columns.
  • Merge and split table cells.
  • Sort a table.
Pagination can be a curse, particularly when you are constantly updating documents. This manual shows you Word's features for controlling page breaks without using Enter or Ctrl+Enter. You'll also fix problems that can occur when tables span multiple pages. Word Next Steps shows you how to:
  • Control page breaks within normal document text.
  • Fix problems that occur when tables span multiple pages.
  • Save headers and footers to reuse in other documents.
Formatting long documents consistently by manually applying fonts, font sizes and font styles can be time consuming. This manual shows you how to use styles to quickly format text consistently throughout a document. You will learn how to:
  • Apply theme fonts.
  • Format text with styles.
  • Modify styles.
  • Add shortcut keys to styles.
Graphics are used more and more to help readers understand a document's content. Whilst it is easy enough to insert a picture into a Word document, sometimes the pictures have a mind of their own when it comes to placement. You'll learn how to:
  • Insert a picture into a document.
  • Integrate graphics with text.
  • Add a SmartArt diagram to a document.
  • Draw a diagram using Office shapes.
All of our In the Office Series manuals have practise tasks give you the chance to use the features showcased in that particular manual. Most of the practise tasks require "master files".

You can download the master files that accompany this manual at any time.