Document Formatting Service Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Document Formatting Service supplied by Cyberkeys Ltd.

The agreement is between Cyberkeys Ltd and the individual (“Customer”) who has requested a quotation for document formatting.

Cyberkeys Ltd’s Obligations

Cyberkeys Ltd will provide document formatting services to the Customer.

Cyberkeys Ltd will implement any specific instructions communicated by the Customer in relation to the formatting of the document supplied by the Customer.

Where specific instructions have not been given by the Customer, Cyberkeys Ltd will apply formatting at its discretion.

The Customer’s Obligations

The Customer is entirely responsible for the content of the document.

The Customer will supply Cyberkeys Ltd with specific instructions and guidelines relating to the document’s formatting.

When the Customer sends Cyberkeys Ltd a document, the Customer is asserting their authority to permit Cyberkeys Ltd to work on the document.

The Customer is responsible for any licensing (if required) relating to fonts or images that it forwards to Cyberkeys Ltd for inclusion in the document.


The Customer owns the rights to all material created as part of the work required to complete the document formatting as detailed in the quotation.

File Storage

Cyberkeys Ltd provides tools for Customers to send files electronically. Cyberkeys Ltd accepts no responsibility for any problems arising from the use of these tools.

Documents sent to Cyberkeys Ltd by the Customer are stored in cloud-based storage facilities.

Cyberkeys Ltd will permanently delete all files associated with the Customer’s document formatting job within seven days of the job’s completion.


Cyberkeys reserves the right to refuse to work on, or issue a Quotation for, any document formatting job.

The price and anticipated completion date stated in a Quotation is valid for ten working days. After this time Cyberkeys Ltd reserves the right to issue a new Quotation for the job.

Should the Customer change their instructions or the material on which the Quotation is based, Cyberkeys Ltd reserves the right to reissue the Quotation.


The Customer can accept a Quotation by:

  1. Clicking the ‘accept’ button on the quotation; or,
  2. Sending an email message from the Customer accepting the Quotation and its terms and conditions.

By accepting a Quotation, the Customer agrees that:

  1. The final version of their document and all supporting material has already been supplied to Cyberkeys Ltd.
  2. Any initial payment detailed in the Quotation has been paid to Cyberkeys Ltd.
  3. Full payment will be made once the work has been completed in accordance with the Quotation and these terms and conditions.

Cyberkeys Ltd will start work on the document once any initial payment detailed in the Quotation has been received.

Additional Changes Fee

In the event that the Customer requires additional changes, after previously accepting a quotation, Cyberkeys Ltd is entitled to charge the Customer an Additional Changes Fee.

Cyberkeys Ltd will advise the Customer the amount of the Additional Changes Fee.

On acceptance of the Additional Changes Fee by the Customer, Cyberkeys Ltd will complete the required changes.

PDF Review Document

When Cyberkeys Ltd has completed the document formatting as outlined in the Quotation, Cyberkeys Ltd will send the Customer a locked, watermarked PDF Review Document for the Customer to review.

Within 10 working days of receipt of the PDF Review Document, the Customer is entitled to email Cyberkeys Ltd a single set of formatting changes based on the Customer’s review of the changes made.

Cyberkeys Ltd will acknowledge the receipt of the review changes and give the Customer an anticipated completion date by reply email.


All payments made via the Cyberkeys Ltd web site are made using a secure DPS Pxpay gateway.

Cyberkeys Ltd may offer an invoicing arrangement to Customers that have completed a Credit Account Application to the satisfaction of Cyberkeys Ltd.


In the event that the Customer disputes any work undertaken by Cyberkeys Ltd, the Customer must provide reasonable opportunity for Cyberkeys Ltd to resolve the disputed work.

Neither Cyberkeys Ltd nor the Customer shall be liable or deemed in breach of the Contract should failure to act be due to a cause beyond their reasonable control.

Termination of service

In the event that Cyberkeys Ltd terminates a document formatting job Cyberkeys Ltd will provide a full refund of any funds already paid by the Customer and there will be no further responsibility on either party.

In the event that the Customer wishes to terminate a service related to a Quotation that has been accepted by the Customer, Cyberkeys Ltd has the right to charge for the proportion of the work completed at the time the termination notice was received.


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Certain content, products and services available via our Service may include materials from third-parties.

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These terms and conditions and the online services they cover are governed by New Zealand law. All transactions which occur through our E-Commerce Process occur in New Zealand.

You agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand Courts.

The Customer must pay any legal fees or costs to defend a suit brought against Cyberkeys Ltd as a result of the Customer’s actions.

Should the Customer incur any legal fees or costs as a result of their actions, Cyberkeys Ltd will not be held liable for any damages.