Introducing Cyberkeys Ltd

Hi, I'm Liz Todd.

In 1996 I launched Cyberkeys Ltd with the goal of helping people make full use of the computer software that they use every day. In those days, computers were becoming common in offices and training was very much instructor led and manual driven.

Things have changed a lot in the past twenty years. These days computers aren't just found in offices: they're in workshops, restaurants, gymnasiums, hospital wards, and classrooms being used by engineers, chefs, sports coaches, nurses and teachers. Lawyers, accountants, managers and other professionals are now expected to send their own emails, produce their own budgets and prepare their own reports. 

It's a fact that many people who currently use computers in their everyday work have never had the benefit of formal software training. And whilst those people manage to produce an end result they've gone about it the hardest way possible, simply because they've never stumbled upon the right shortcut or software command.

Another change has been in the software itself. In 1996, Windows 3.1 was the operating system for PCs and Microsoft Office 95 was the suite of applications used in many offices. There have been at least eight versions of Windows and eight versions of Office since then. Each version brings with it subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) changes and improvements. The challenge for computer users is to find the new and improved features and start using them.

Finally, computer hardware has changed dramatically since 1996. Back then, floppy disks were used to transport files, a computer with 256 MB of RAM was standard, and internet access was via dial up modem. Cloud storage, smartphones with over 1 GB of RAM, and ultrafast broadband where not on the average computer user's radar. These days, they're "as common as chips".

So in 2015, there's just as great a need (and some argue a greater need) for software training as there was in 1996. Today's computer hardware makes it possible for people like me to help people like you make better use of the computer software that you use everyday. By taking advantage of cloud storage and broadband I can show you the easy way to produce great documents, spreadsheets and presentations: at any time, almost anywhere.