Office 2013

Extending Excel

Extending Excel
Extending Excel builds on your basic Microsoft Excel knowledge to enable you to use more formulas and functions, work with large worksheets, create data series, link worksheets and workbooks, automate workbooks and to solve business problems.
  • Use absolute cell references in formulas
  • Calculate percentages
  • Name cells and ranges
  • Freeze row and column headings
  • Apply filters to lists
  • Print large worksheets
  • Enter date and time functions
  • Calculate dates and times
  • Enter financial functions
  • Enter logical functions
  • Link worksheets with 3-D functions
  • Insert formulas to link workbooks
  • Format cells with styles
  • Apply conditional formatting to cells
  • Create macros
  • Use and create templates
  • Protect worksheets and workbooks
  • Import a text file
  • Plan, create and evaluate a spreadsheet solution
ISBN: 1-877350-78-8
Total pages: 270+
Qualification: NZQA Unit Standard 2785
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