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Extending Access

Extending Access
Extending Access builds on the Access basics to enable you to create databases that include relationships, filters, multi-table queries, forms with subforms, data validation rules and customised reports. The learning tasks in this manual include both single table and multi-table databases. You will learn how to:
  • Determine and create database relationships
  • Use subdatasheets
  • Apply datasheet filters
  • Create multi-table queries
  • Create calculated fields in queries
  • Customise forms by adding lookup fields, subforms and calculated fields
  • Create a startup form
  • Set up data validation rules to assist data entry
  • Apply data integrity practices
  • Exchange data with other applications
  • Backup and restore database files
  • Compact and repair database files
ISBN: 1-877350-79-6
Total pages: 190+
Qualification: NZQA Unit Standard 2787 
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