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Introducing Word

Introducing Word
Although it was originally written for those new to Word, even experi­enced Word users find a lot of useful shortcuts and techniques in Introducing Word. The manual covers editing, character formatting, and paragraph formatting. Best of all, it takes the pain out of working with tabs and indents!
  • Create, save and print documents
  • Proof your text: correct spelling and grammar errors
  • Edit your text
  • Apply character formatting: font, font styles and effects, character spacing, change case
  • Insert symbols, spaces and hyphens
  • Adjust the document view
  • Format paragraphs: horizontal alignment, line spacing, tabs, indents, bullets and numbering
  • Apply page formatting: page border, paper size, vertical alignment, margins
ISBN: 0-9582064-4-9
Total pages: 280+
Qualification: NZQA Unit Standard 111
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