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Introducing Publisher: Unit Standard 2788

Introducing Publisher: Unit Standard 2788

Introducing Publisher shows you how to create publications for personal or business use. You will create publications using templates, create and format text boxes, edit and format text, format paragraphs, add pictures and drawing shapes, and manage pages in a publication.

  • Create a publication based on a design
  • Set text box properties
  • Control automatic hyphenation
  • Connect text boxes
  • Edit, move and copy text
  • Apply fonts and font styles
  • Create WordArt headlines
  • Change alignment and line spacing
  • Display text in columns using tab stops
  • Create lists and forms with leader tables
  • Set and adjust indents
  • Apply bullets and numbering to lists
  • Add pictures to a publication
  • Wrap text around pictures
  • Draw, colour and manipulate shapes
  • Layer and group objects
  • Insert and delete pages
  • Manage Publisher files

ISBN: 0-877350-50-8
Total pages: 130+
Qualification: NZQA Unit Standard 2788

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