Office 2010

Extending Word

Extending Word

Extending Word covers Microsoft Word features that are commonly used in business documents. You will learn how to manage and secure files, create and format tables, enter calculations in a table, add graphics to documents, select and use printers, work with multi-page documents, add headers and footers, apply styles and create templates, prepare mailing documents.

  • Work with multiple documents
  • Protect documents and create backups
  • Create and format tables
  • Calculate totals and averages
  • Import Excel data and charts
  • Insert and format pictures
  • Draw and colour objects
  • Create SmartArt diagrams
  • Operate a printer
  • Navigate multi-page documents
  • Insert page numbers
  • Control page breaks
  • Insert headers and footers
  • Apply and modify heading styles
  • Create documents based on templates
  • Create a template
  • Create envelopes and labels
  • Plan and perform a mail merge
  • Create mail merge labels and envelopes

ISBN: 0-877350-47-8
Total pages: 260+
Qualification: NZQA Unit Standard 112

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