In the Office Series

Everyday Word

Everyday Word
This manual is a must have for any self-taught Microsoft Word user. It fills the gaps with tips and tricks that will help you complete your everyday work faster and with more skill. Quite simply, it puts you in control of Word!

You'll find best practise tips for creating and editing Microsoft Word documents and learn about paragraph formats like tabs, indents, bullets, numbering, line spacing, paragraph spacing and alignment. It includes:
  • Tips and shortcuts for entering and editing text.
  • Inserting non-keyboard characters.
  • Creating and manipulating tabs and indents.
  • Applying bullets and numbering.
  • Adjusting line and paragraph spacing.
  • Creating simple tables.
  • Inserting pictures into documents.
All of our In the Office Series manuals have practise tasks give you the chance to use the features showcased in that particular manual. Most of the practise tasks require "master files".

You can download the master files that accompany this manual at any time.