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Accounting ABCs Module 1: Account Types

Accounting ABCs Module 1: Account Types
Accounting ABCs is a series of interactive learning modules designed to help you improve your understanding of accounting terms and procedures. It's designed for use on an LMS (like Moodle, Totara or Litmos), a browser or an iPad. Each module has two sections: learning and testing.

Learning Section

The learning section introduces each account type, explains its meaning and gives you examples of accounts that are classified by that account type. After the account type has been explained you will complete a quick-fire quiz to classify accounts. Play the video below to see how it works.

Testing Section

The testing section lets you prove your knowledge of the account types. The test pulls 10 random questions from a question bank. This means that you can complete the test several times and have a different set of questions each time.


Module 1: Account Types explains the differences between asset, liability, equity, expense and revenue accounts. You will identify examples of each account type.

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