Microsoft Office Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts

Reuse text and graphics in Word documents and Outlook messages

February 25, 2013 Liz Todd

Do you find yourself repeatedly typing the same paragraph or inserting the same picture/logo into documents? If so, the next time you enter the text or insert the picture, save it as an AutoText entry.

Clean up the formatting in a Word document

June 26, 2012 Liz Todd

Have you ever tried to copy and paste text from a colleague’s document into your own Word document with the result that the formatting of the pasted text changes beyond recognition? If so, these tips are for you! Strip the text of its existing formatting Before bringing someone else’s text into your document, it is a good idea to paste the text in a new blank document and strip it of the formatting that the other user has applied. There are two shortcut keys that can help you with this: Ctrl+Spacebar and Ctrl+Q. Ctrl+Spacebar removes any character formats – bold,...