Never make the same mistake again!

October 11, 2017 Liz Todd

We all make typing errors. Touch typists, two finger warriors, and hunt-and-peckers are all capable misspelling or mistyping words. These errors require extra time to fix and can also disrupt a creative flow.

If you take the time to analyse the typing errors that you make, you’ll likely find that you make the same errors repeatedly. Wouldn’t it be great if your software could automatically correct your common errors for you?

In a recent update to Word 2016, Microsoft has reinstated the ability to create AutoCorrect entries from errors it identifies in your work. All you have to do is right click a word with a red wavy line and add it to AutoCorrect:

On a Windows PC, right click the error, hover over the arrow beside the correction, and then click Add to AutoCorrect.

Use a Mac? Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available in the Mac version of Word.

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