Managing email addresses in Outlook

March 30, 2012 Liz Todd

Email addresses are now as common as phone numbers. It is essential to have email addresses available when you need them and be able to enter them without typing the entire address. Microsoft Outlook makes it easy for you to re-use email addresses from messages that you send and receive.

How do I save an email address in an email message into Outlook Contacts?

Open or preview the message that has the email address that you want to add to Contacts, right click the email address and then click Add to Outlook Contacts.

I really like the list of email addresses that appears when I start typing in the To: box in an Outlook email message. I now find that one or two of those addresses are out of date. Can I remove the ones I no longer need?

The list that you’re talking about is the Auto-Complete list in Microsoft Outlook. This list is made up of email addresses from messages that you have previously sent. If you no longer need a particular email address in the Auto-Complete list click in the To: box and start typing the first few letter of the email address. Then, tap the down arrow key until the address is highlighted and tap the Delete key. The address will no longer appear in the list.


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