Reuse text and graphics in Word documents and Outlook messages

February 25, 2013 Liz Todd


Do you find yourself repeatedly typing the same paragraph or inserting the same picture/logo into documents? If so, the next time you enter the text or insert the picture, save it as an AutoText entry.

All you need to do is select the text or picture, press Alt+F3, type a name for the entry (eg logo) and then tap Enter. Then you can recall the entry any time in the future by typing the name (eg logo) and tapping F3.

AutoText is also available in recent versions of Microsoft Outlook. Imagine that you’re responsible for replying to web site enquiries. Many of the enquiries are similar so you copy and paste text used in a previous reply. A better way is to save the reply text as an AutoText entry – press Alt+F3, give the entry a name and then click OK. Then, the next time that you need that text, simply type the entry’s name and tap F3 to insert the reply.

AutoText is a great time saver! You can use it for all sorts of things: formatted tables, paragraphs with numbering, addresses, letter closings, and so on.


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